Why You Need Facebook Ad Copy writing Services

May 26, 2020

Why You Need Facebook Ad Copy writing Services

Facebook copy writers know how to write effective ad copy, great Facebook ad copy that converts on the first try. Facebook ad copywriters have the literary charisma needed to convince people that it’s worth their time to make a purchase, submit a form, call a number, register, upgrade, download something, or otherwise engage with your company in a meaningful way.

But why should you be focusing the majority of your ad copy expenses on Facebook?

Facebook Ad Copy Reaches Most Adults the Fastest

Facebook ad copywriting is more important than ever because Facebook, one of the oldest social media sites, has the wealthiest, most educated audience, and most adults visiting multiple times daily.

Facebook copywriting matters more than YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms because Facebook ad copy easily reaches any adult age group you want it to. The 2019 social media statistics from Pew Research Center show that . . .

  • 50% of adults log into Facebook several times compared to:
    • 32% of adults on YouTube several times a day.
    • Only 25% of adults on Twitter.
    • Seven out of ten adults are on Facebook, including many seniors.
    • er several times a day.
    • 79% of adults ages 18-29 (roughly eight-out-of-ten) use Facebook.
    • 68% of adults ages 50-64 use Facebook.
    • 50% of adults ages 65+ use Facebook.
  • Adults on Facebook are the most educated (and assumedly have higher-paying careers):
    • Almost three-quarters (74%) of adults on Facebook have college degrees.

Facebook Copywriters Write High-Converting Facebook Copy That Sells

To write effective Facebook copy, you must write as if you are having a one-on-one conversation with a very specific individual, often about a niche subject. Great Facebook copy excites, entertains, and persuades in a way that feels natural. Almost 75% of Facebook users unaware that their data is being used to customize ads, meaning they are more receptive to Facebook copywriting that looks organic.

Basically, an AP-styled advertisement on Facebook with hardcore grammar rules is a waste of money. You need a Facebook copywriter who knows how to communicate with emojis, who knows that an audience in their thirties is willing to click the button to “See More” while a younger audience will not, and other important Facebook copywriting considerations.

Impartial Facebook Ad Copy Checking & Feedback

Office politics can sometimes stymie the effectiveness of almost any in-house advertising department. Many companies turn to Facebook ad copy services for unbiased, factual feedback. If you need a copy checker for a Facebook ad, copywriters can provide a fresh perspective free from office hierarchy.

Harnesso Understands How to Write Effective Ad Copy

Above all else, a good Facebook copywriter knows that a single word change can double the effectiveness of a Facebook ad campaign; a great Facebook copywriter knows exactly which word that is. That’s the difference between Harnesso and other Facebook ad services.

Whether you are going broad or targeting a specific audience, Harnesso can produce Facebook ad copy that will minimize ad fatigue and maximize conversion rates. Check out our Facebook ad services.