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Why Digital be # 1 Priority

April 23, 2019

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Why Digital Marketing Should Be Your Number 1 Priority

Digital marketing is something that businesses cannot afford to overlook any longer.

Below are the three reasons why digital marketing should be your main priority.

Reach Customers Directly

In the days of traditional advertising, you would have to hire advertising agencies to promote your product. With digital marketing, you can take your PC and log into your Google Ads account to place ads to your target audience. Digital marketing eliminates the role of middlemen which inflates the cost of advertising.

Digital Marketing Help Level Playing Field

Some years ago, a brand had to pay thousands to run a TV, radio, magazine or newsprint ad. Nowadays, thanks to digital marketing options like Facebook, Google and Instagram, brands can run ads targeted at their intended audience at lower costs. This gives everybody the opportunity to nurture their business as against traditional advertising that only allow brands with deep pockets.

More Targeted Marketing

Today, thanks to innovations in digital marketing technology, we can make sure that brands target the right individuals with ad around the firm’s location. For instance, we can set our Facebook Ads to only people from Sydney in Australia if the brand is a property agency based in Sydney.

This guarantees all our advertising budgets are expended on the target audience compared to television, radio and newspaper ads.