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Is Google on your side ?

April 23, 2019

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Is Google AdWords Working for You?

It can be tough for businesses who are just trying out AdWords because of the complexities around the platform.  If Google Adwords is not working for you as expected, here are many reasons you are yet to get it right.

Too much Focus on the Short Tail

This is by far the main cause of AdWords campaign failures. Many people concentrate on the short-tail keywords even though they are usually not the most profitable.

Most just use generical broad keywords, like “boy’s shoes.”

Instead, it is better to focus on keywords with more descriptive phrases. This is known as long-tailed keywords, like “blue Adidas men’s tennis shoes.”

Absence of Clear Strategy

Before going into AdWords, you need to conduct detailed research and figure out your campaigns. Spend time to study the intent of the web searcher, things they are searching for, and how you can provide solutions to their problems.

Before implementing AdWords, get a game plan with the /products categories /services you want to target, the keywords relevant to your target audience, and how to provide real and practical solutions to the problems of the searchers.

Landing Pages Do Not Convert

If you are directing your audience to your site from AdWords, your aim should be converting them into buyers. Many give site owners design their site so poor that many visitors just close the page-too much information and bad design. Always ensure you design your site with focus on visibility, responsiveness and simple design and don’t overload with irrelevant information.