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Google Ads Vs Face Book Ads

April 23, 2019

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Google Ads Vs FaceBook Ads

People ask on daily basis the key differences between Facebook Ads and Google Ads. There are many differences between both platforms; continue reading to know some of the differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Customer Data and Targeting

When it comes to Consumer data and targeting, Google Ads seems better. With its top search engine, Google has access to the search data of a web surfer; allowing them to offer advertisers the option of targeting using customer intent data.   This data is further streamlined to purchase intents/micro-moments. This is an extraordinary power in the hands of an advertiser. Facebook relies much on social interactions, first-party data and visual elements. In Customer data and targeting, Google has the edge.

Ad Formats

If you want to target leads with wide range of ad formats, Google might be your best option. Google allows the use of rich-media for interactive advertisement through contextual targeting.  Facebook on the other hands restricts advertisers with its pre-defined ad formats.  Though, this allows Facebook to ensure good user experience and quality ad formats.


In demographics, Facebook gives advertisers more flexibility. You can target age, gender, relationship status, likes, behavior and many others. If your product is mainly for a particular age range; Facebook gives you unlimited flexibility to target your prospective clients.

Google on the other hand have their demographic targeting a bit complicated. Though you can target particular territories, you can’t target specific demographics like sex, age and others- Google don’t have such information about people using its search engines.